Interested in having a custom item made for you or as a gift? I'm currently accepting commissions on the following items. (Keep in mind prices vary by project, and these are estimated prices based on an average of previous projects).

1" pinback buttons $40 per set of 100 + flat rate shipping

These buttons are color laser printed on bright white paper. We print, cut, and press each button by hand. Bright colors are usually better for button designs. We can only make buttons of your original designs. If you'd like us to design them for you, tell us what you're after. All of our designs are handdrawn, watercolor, or simple typography.

blank journals & sketchbooks & mini-notebooks & grimoires

Prices vary depending on materials, page count, and binding, from about $12 to $100. Most of our multi-signature books are $30 - $60. If the interior is rag paper (for sketchbooks or other books you'd like to use with wet & dry media), the price will be on the higher end of the scale. Though we do use some decorative papers, most of our cover papers are one of a kind.

hand-pulled screenprint covers

Are you looking for a limited edition of handprinted covers for your micro press chapbook? If you'd like a screenprint cover, up to 2 colors, an edition of 100 begins at $200. Additional colors, particularly complicated design, or specialty papers will increase labor/materials and thus price. 

custom designed cover

Custom cover designs begin at $75 - $200 for small press & micro-press books. Cover designs are watercolored or drawn by hand. Typography is the responsibility of the press, unless you'd rather it be handdrawn & incorporated into the design. This price is for a 600ppi PSD or JPG of the artwork.